LanoSoft Soft Water Soaps

LanoSoft Soft Water Soaps
If You Have Soft Water, You Will Love LanoSoft Soaps - A Soft Water Soap Formulation - High Quality Soap Made Especially For Softened Water. Pure Soap Without the Additives in Typical Store Bought Soap. Store Bought Soap Adds Chemicals That Make It Lather in Hard Water. LanoSoft Soft Water Soaps Do Not Need These Additives, So They Are More Concentrated. More Soap and No Hard Water Additives. This Means The Soaps Are "Greener" by Not Flushing These Additives Down the Drain. Be Green, Save Money and Use the Best Soaps. You will love LanoSoft.
  1. Lanosoft Radiance Body Wash (#LSRB06)
    Lanosoft Radiance Body Wash (#LSRB06)
    Deep cleans for visibly healthier skin long after you shower. Radiance Body Wash contains Aloe Vera and vitamin E with no dyes or heavy perfumes. It makes you feel clean and fresh and helps replenish moisture for softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.
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