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Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators for RO Reverse Osmosis and Pure Drinking Water Filter Systems.

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  1. Filtamate 85 PSI Inline Water Pressure Regulator

    Regular Price: $34.99

    Special Price $22.99

    As low as: $19.39
    Filtamate 85 PSI Inline Pressure Regulator. 1/4" Quick Connectors. Great inline pressure regulator to prevent excessive pressure from reaching your RO Reverse Osmosis system or other sensitive water equipment. Helps prevent water spikes, or surges, that can lead to system failure or leaks. Learn More
  2. Reverse Osmosis membrane water pressure meter kit

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price $19.99

    As low as: $17.99
    Reverse Osmosis membrane pressure meter kit - Add this kit to your standard reverse osmosis system membrane housing to determine the incoming water pressure that is being applied to the RO membrane. This is a great way to monitor the pressure on the membrane. Easy installation. Learn More
  3. Inline Water Pressure Gauge for the GE MERLIN Reverse Osmosis System- 3002494- 1000

    Regular Price: $43.99

    Special Price $34.99

    As low as: $29.99
    Inline Water Pressure Gauge For GE Merlin RO Systems. Know what your water pressure is. Easily installs on the GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis RO system. Very easy to install via integrated quick connectors. Learn More

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3 Item(s)